Sublime Vanilla is a high quality E-Liquid. At the puff, it reveals fullness with no comparisons. Softness and sweetness blend in in a unique way.

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Peppermint Peperina is an E-Liquid of exceptional balance. At the puff, it is fresh and exciting, intense but always delicate in the mouth. Essential before romantic encounters.

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Golden VirginiaTobacco

Golden Virginia is an essential E-Liquid. At the puff, it is intense, dry, full-bodied, slightly pungent in the tongue. It leaves the palate ready for another puff of e-cigarette.

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Special BlendTobacco

Special Tobacco Blend is an important E-Liquid, result of refinement, research and passion. In the mouth, it is strong, full, almost pasty. The final scent is long and persistent. Ideal to meditate.

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