100% Italian Taste. Naturally.
Quality and Sustainability are essential to our company philosophy.

Nuvola Verde is a 100% Italian brand, which has chosen quality and sustainability as its company philosophy.

Our basic idea is simple and ambitious at the same time. Offering a product which is different from all the others.

Offering the most complete and natural vape experience ever.

We only use natural food flavourings, that means that, contrary to natural-identical flavourings reproduced in the lab through chemical synthesis, our flavourings are exclusively extracted from the plant or fruit of reference.

Such process combines traditional extractive techniques, such as maceration and steam distillation, with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound extraction allows to obtain products which have all the physiological and organoleptic properties of the plants used besides all their Active Principles, both primary and secondary.

It is for this reason that it is defined a Bio Technique, especially suitable to those who realize biological certified products and want to employ only natural solvents.

Needless to say, such processes are considerably more expensive and refined than chemical flavourings.

However, the result is totally different (luckily..).
A full, intense, real taste.

Our selected ingredients are pure, certified and traceable.

And, since we do not have anything to hide, we state the origin of our E-Liquid both here and in the patient information leaflet:

Propylene glycol, FU-USP grade, made in Germany

Vegetable glycerin, FU-Ph.Eur grade, GMO-FREE, made in Italy

Natural food flavourings, GMO-FREE, made in Italy

Nicotine, USP/Ph.Eur grade, GMO-FREE, made in Switzerland

Distilled water

That is all. Without filters.

Neither chemical colorants, nor additives.

Simplicity is an added value. It means naturalness.

This is our Philosophy, our Vision, our Passion.

Looking for perfection, radically and obstinately.

Quality without compromises.

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