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The People of the Free City of Nubes, in the name of its centuries-old exemptions and of the inalienable right to decide, reconfirms the will to be integral part of the Italian State through an explicit act of annexation; however, since the arrogance of someone denies the accomplishment of this legitimate will, the Free City of Nubes decides to give itself a Constitution for the political and administrative order of the Area (City and District).

Section 1

The Free City of Nubes, with its centre and district, in full possession of its sovereignty, constitutes, along with the areas which declare and will declare to join it, the Republic of Nuvola Verde.

Section 2

The Repubblic of Nuvola Verde is a direct democracy which is based on productive work and whose systematic criterion consists in the largest functional and local autonomies. Therefore, it confirms the collective sovereignty of all citizens without distinction of sex, race, language, social class and religion; it recognizes more rights to the producers and decentralizes, as far as it is possible, the powers of the State, in order to ensure the harmonious cohabitation of the elements which compose it.

Section 3

Furthermore, the Republic commits to defend the independence, the freedom, and the common rights, to promote a higher moral dignity and a higher material prosperity for all the citizens; to ensure internal order with justice.

Section 4

All the citizens of the Republic, without distinction of sex, are equal in front of the law. Nobody can be deprived of the exercise of his/her rights recognized by the Constitution, unless in the presence of a regular judgement or sentence of condemn.

The Constitution guarantees all citizens the exercise of the fundamental freedom of thought, speech, press, meeting and association. All religions are admitted; however, religious beliefs cannot be invoked to avoid the fulfilment of the duties prescribed by the law.

The abuse of the constitutional freedoms to carry out illicit purposes, which are contrary to civil cohabitation, can be punished with dedicated laws, which, however, cannot damage the essential principle of the freedoms themselves.

Section 5

Additionally, the Constitution guarantees all citizens, without distinction of sex and primary education, paid work with a minimum wage which is sufficient to live with, assistance in case of illness or unwanted unemployment, old-age pension, the use of the legitimately purchased goods, the inviolability of the home, the habeas corpus, the recovering of damages in case of judicial mistake or abuse of power.

Section 6

The Republic considers property as a social function, not as an absolute right or an individual privilege. Therefore, work is the only legitimate title of property on any means of production and exchange; work makes the property itself profitable to the benefit of the economy in general.

Section 7

The district and the railways in the territory of the Republic are perpetual and inalienable property of the State with an autonomous order which allows all the peoples in need to use it, guaranteeing absolute equality of commercial rights with Nubes citizens.

Section 8

A Bank of the Republic, controlled by the State, will be in charge of issuing paper money and all other banking operations. A dedicated law will regulate its functioning and will establish the rights and the duties of the banks, both the existing ones and those which wish establish in the territory of the Republic.

Section 9

The practice of the industries, of the professions and jobs is free for all the citizens of the Republic. The factories, already established or to be established with foreign capital will be subject to the norms of a special law which will regulate also the professional practice of foreigners.

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* From the Charter of the Carnaro

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